Contributing to the protocol

Key resources and guidelines to contribute

As mentioned in the governance section, hcx-specifications are fundamental to the success of the envisioned claims network. Specifications need to create consensus amongst a broad base of health system stakeholders to ensure that they can act as this common foundation. Current specifications are a result of collaborative effort from many committed volunteers.

We look forward to further strengthening the collaboration with border participation. Sections below provide the key resources and mechanisms to contribute to the specifications.

Key resources

Key resources for this version (v0.9) are available as follows:

Contributing to the specs

Enhancement requests/ideas/suggestions/questions

Please use the github discussion forum to ask questions, make suggestions, and raise enhancement requests. You can also participate in the existing discussion by appropriately commenting on the discussions of your interest.

Use cases

Please evaluate HCX protocol for newer use cases in health claims and recommend enhancements/changes to the protocol, if required, to enable the use case through HCX. For use cases evaluation, define the typical workflows of the use case and how they can be mapped through HCX protocol similar to the cashless and reimbursement usecases detials in this section.

Raising issues

Issues can be raised to bring attention to any shortcoming in the specifications ( e.g. API specifications, Domain Data specifications - eObjects, Documents, Value Sets, Implementation Guide etc.) using one of the following mechanisms:

  1. A confirmed issue can be raised as a github issue against the repo here.

  2. If unsure about the issue, it can be raised as a discussion in GitHub or Discord with the community and can be converted to an issue on confirmation.

We aim to make hcx-specifications one of the best open community projects with your help. In order to achieve this, we expect the participants to follow GitHub's community Guidelines and adhere to the GitHub Community Forum Code of Conduct while participating in the forum.

If for some reason, you cannot raise issues using github, you can also send them via email to

However, to get the best assistance from the community, get timely responses and benefit everyone from the observations, we strongly encourage everyone to use the github forum. Please use these instructions to sign up for a free github account, if you dont already have one. You can then write to us at with your github id to include you as a part of the github community for the hcx-specifications.

This specification document can also be downloaded as a PDF for offline consumption. Instructions to download specifications as a PDF are available here.

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