Handling Processing Errors

Handling domain/business processing related errors

While the protocol related errors are expected to be handled as per Error Response section in the Technical Specifications, this section provides detail on responding when there are errors during business processing of the request.

An error in business processing will be responded using corresponding on_* callback containing corresponding response FHIR profile with following additional constraints:

  1. x-hcx-status needs to be set to "response.error"

  2. Error code in x-hcx-errordetails header needs to be set to "ERR_DOMAIN_PROCESSING" as mentioned in Recipient error scenarios table in the Error Response section in the Technical Specifications.

  3. Within the corresponding response FHIR profile {response_resource}

    1. Error status need to be indicated in {response_resource}.outcome attribute

    2. Details of error need to be carried in the corresponding {resopnse_resource}.error attribute.

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