Guidelines for Participant Onboarding*

Process of onboarding network participants

This section has been enhanced to accommodate the scope and the requirements of OPD and Reimbursement use cases, and address the on-ground provider onboarding realities. The key changes include:

  1. Addition of BSP Onboarding Recommendations: To align with the evolving healthcare landscape, recommendations for onboarding Beneficiary Service Platforms (BSPs) have been incorporated.

  2. Enhancement of "Non ABDM enrolled Providers with no ROHINI id": This section has been expanded to encompass a comprehensive approach to provider onboarding. It now includes verification processes involving both public and private payers, reflecting the current industry practice. This update acknowledges the practical realities of onboarding healthcare providers and ensures a more inclusive and adaptable onboarding process within the network.

While the actual onboarding/deboarding process for an HCX ecosystem would be drafted by its operator and agreed upon by its participants, this section outlines key design guidelines and an overall approach to arrive at such a policy.

Key design considerations

Building further from the key design considerations laid out for business policies in the HCX open specifications, the onboarding approach should:

  1. Aim to enable rather than control the participation of the interested ecosystem actors.

  2. Require minimal and necessary information, enough to prove the identity of the participant and enable working of the network. The process requirements should be non-discriminatory and at the same time require enough detail to keep out any frivolous organisations.

  3. Needs to be simple and cost effective enough to encourage participation of entities working with low income segments.

A list of different kinds of participants who would need onboarding into an HCX registry is provided in the Access Control section above. Onboarding onto the HCX is envisioned as a two step process:

  1. Sandbox - for compliance testing and certification

  2. Go Live on live instances

Diagrams below depicts the key steps in onboarding process across these two phases: Proposed onboarding process flow; Sections below provide high level description for each of these steps:

Following subsections provide high level description for each of these phases.

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