Introduction to registries and key participant registries

HCX registries will act as a source of truth for participant information on the platform. These may be extended from/link to already existing registries in the ecosystem, e.g. registry may extend from National Health Facility Registry provided by NHA. The benefit of extending from an existing registry would be:

  • Easy maintenance of base data at the source registry

  • The extended registry only needs to maintain additional/supplementary information pertaining to its use case

  • Better interoperability

Keeping with the key design principles listed above, registries on HCX will strive to be minimalistic, self-maintainable, support non-repudiability, accessible through OpenAPIs, Extensible and evolvable, and designs for data privacy and security. All registries on the HCX platform will minimally provide the following APIs:

  • Create

  • Update

  • Search

  • Delete

Please note that onboarding of the actors in the registry will take place through workflows defined by domain groups and may change over time, therefore the access to the data modification APIs would be controlled by the HCX instance provider and used as part of the onboarding process.

Participating Organisations/Systems Registry

This registry stores key details about the participants on the exchange who can exchange data through it. It may link with data on the HFR registry and will have fields necessary to facilitate claims data exchange with providers. Proposed attributes of the registry are:

User Registry

While the exchange protocol by itself may not need to focus on the human user (as the exchange is between systems), operational management of the exchange infrastructure may require administrative infrastructure that may necessitate a registry for operational users from organizations running HCX as well as participating organizations. Following are the proposed attributes for the User registry:

Next sub-section provides details on application of QR code to capture participant details.

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