Scope of disputes

Envisioned list of disputes whose resolution can be facilitated by HCX

Initially envisioned List of Disputes HCX can assist with:

Dispute Category

Type of Dispute



TATs related disputes

  • Delay in submission of supporting documents e.g., hospital bills, discharge summary to the insurer

  • Delay in processing claims

  • Delay in communicating pre-authorization approval/rejections to the customers

  • Delays from HCX Switch Operator

Data Transmission Related

Disputes related to transmission failures (packet drop)Disputes related to transmission data mismatch between origination and receipt

  • Delay in data transmission

  • Data mismatch

  • Data transmission failure

Data Privacy

Disputes related to data privacy violation by an entity in the HCX ecosystem

  • Data sharing without consent

  • Data storage which is not in compliance with agreed standards

Policy Related (E.g., Onboarding )

Disputes related to the non compliance of HCX with respect to HCX policies


  • Onboarding entities not in accordance to HCX policies

  • HCX not agreeing to share data for dispute resolution

  • HCX not in compliance with contractual agreements like fast track arbitration

Enforcement of Data Standards

Disputes related to members of the HCX ecosystem not adhering data transmission standards

  • Non compliance with agreed data formats

The list of disputes is not exhaustive and the categories may grow with subsequent iterations

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