How to submit responses?

Instructions to submit comments & responses to consultation questions, and consolidated list of questions

Sending Comments & Responses

Written comments on the HCX specifications and responses to the consultation questions are invited from all the members of the ecosystem. The last date to submit responses is October 8, 2021. Comments and responses are to be sent via email to

The specification document can also be downloaded as a PDF for offline consumption. Instructions to download specifications as a PDF are available here.

List of Questions

Please respond to the individual questions captured in various sections. You may refer to the relevant sections to read the full text.

Please note that the questions included are intended to guide the consultation process and not to restrict the thinking on these lines. Therefore participants are invited to think of and suggest any other relevant guiding questions/comments/suggestions and include them in their responses.

3. Consultation questions on Open Specifications

4. Consultation Questions on Technical Specifications

5. Consultation Questions on Domain Specifications

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